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legalAll users of information accessible through this site including transcriptions service requests agree to Transcription Adiuvo terms and conditions set out below.

The client holds the necessary rights, title and interest, whether in copyright or arising from any other area of law, contract or arrangement, in the recordings and transcription source in respect of which transcription and other contracted services have been sought from Transcription Adiuvo.

The client undertakes to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Transcription Adiuvo against any claims, actions, loss or damage arising from any infringement of copyright in the recordings and transcription source.

Transcription Adiuvo and the client agree that the laws and Courts of South Africa shall have exclusive jurisdiction in respect of any dispute howsoever arising between the parties.

In the event of conflict between these terms and conditions and other terms and conditions or agreements signed by Transcription Adiuvo, these terms and conditions shall take precedence.

In the event of any client suffering damage or loss as a direct result of the publication or dissemination of any confidential or protected information by any personnel or service provider, then the maximum extent of the Transcription Adiuvo liability, if any, will be limited to an amount equal to twice the quoted value of the transcription or other service.


The information contained in this website is provided in good faith and is illustrative only. Transcription Adiuvo may amend, add or remove any information in this site at any time without notice. It is the client’s responsibility to familiarize itself with and comply with all the Terms and any other terms and conditions as agreed to between the parties. The clients continued use of this site after changes are posted, constitutes an express acceptance of these Terms and any other conditions as modified.

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Transcription Adiuvo may take legal action in respect of any use of Transcription Adiuvo’s name, trademark or copyright material without Transcription Adiuvo’s permission, other than in accordance with Transcription Adiuvo’s directions or in breach of Transcription Adiuvo rights or your general legal obligations.


Transcription Adiuvo Services treats all Client Material as confidential and take every precaution to protect the material from unauthorized access.

Each member of Transcription Adiuvo Services team is required to sign a legally binding confidentiality agreement, copies of which are held on file.

It is the client’s responsibility to make Transcription Adiuvo Services aware of the confidential status of the material being transcribed and to provide project-specific confidentiality agreements for signature if required.